Company Profile

Mellat Insurance Co. is a nationally licensed insurance company. Mellat Insurance provides the ability and the experience to bring a vast array of insurance products to both individual consumers and businesses.
The principals in Mellat Insurance management team have over 30 years of specialized insurance and technology experience. Our underwriting staff uses some of the largest insurance carriers. These skill sets and industry relationships have produced a revolutionary processing and fulfillment system along with impeccable customer service and satisfaction standards.
Mellat Insurance has been responsible for bringing forward a suite of revolutionary insurance technology products. Our in-house "think tank" approach will enable us to strategize and partner with the nation's leading insurance carriers in developing technology products that are used to streamline all aspects of the marketing, sales, underwriting, and customer service components of the business.
For example Mellat Insurance has already proven the viability of online marketing and sales directly via Internet and electronically to a variety of consumers.
Let Mellat Insurance show you the difference. Whether you're a business, an insurance agency, an insurance carrier, or an individual consumer -- we have the ability to handle your needs.
The global and Iran insurance industry is in constant flux: new opportunities, emerging markets and the never-ending challenge of regulation and risk. Our information is relied on by key participants in the industry and we are committed to providing the best possible service and quality of information.
Mellat Insurance Ltd. is the first electronic insurance company in Iran. Mellat Insurance is knowledge oriented insurance company. CEO has also CIO responsibilities and IT has key role in Mellat managerial process.
Every time and everywhere you can purchase insurance policy. Premium payments are local and in the IRLS basement. Through every Iranian bank connected to Shetab network (PSP) you can electronically pay on line.
Everyone can experience saving in time and traffic costs along with Mellat e-insurance.

Corporate Strategy
Considering the goals of MELLAT Insurance co. the following strategies have been considered:
- To make value added and profitability for the investors to cover the depth of insurance market.
- Partnership with major international insurance and reinsurance companies.
- To contribute government for having safe competition, developing private sector, to make job opportunity, innovation and giving new services and helping to grow gross domestics products (GDP).

Corporate Structure
Within the Mellat insurance company structure, its different departments retain their identity while benefiting from combined financial strength and scale to realize new growth opportunities.

Corporate Governance
The Directors and Management of Mellat Insurance Co. are committed to uphold good corporate governance. This commitment to corporate governance is seen in their support of the Iranian Code on Corporate Governance in their effort to observe high standards of transparency, accountability and integrity in managing the company's business. Mellat Insurance Co. belief is that putting the principles and best practices on corporate governance into management practice is the best way in ensuring the company's continued growth and success in order to create value for its stakeholders and safeguard the company's assets.

Line of Business
As a largest Iranian insurance company in the private sector, we offer insurance products and services to major companies and businesses in Iran.
We are the leading insurance company in the private sector and have the considerably market share in the Iran insurance market based on gross premiums written .
Our product portfolio includes a wide array of property-casualty and life/health insurance and Energy,Marine and Aviation Insurance,Engineering and Liability Insurance products for both private and corporate customers.
We conduct business in almost every Iran province.

Mellat Online
Mellat Organizational Portal is an online suite of personalized internal and co-relation with sales network management tools for team collaboration, communication and information. Think of it as a digital doorway that connects offices and Mellat account team to centralized Mellat resources a doorway that promotes teamwork, improves workflow and helps organization retain a correct vision without losing sight of the details.